Saturday, June 19, 2004

Beer for votes?

BitsBlog has an artical about how the Dumbacrats are trying to bribe people to vote by giving them beer! I would love it! I will take the beer and then kindly inform then that they will Never see my vote! Hmmm it better be good beer if I am going to put up with them though..

Friday, June 18, 2004

Is it Time to do something yet?

Well they did what we all knew these anamial low life %$$*!&’s would do. They killed another innocent man. Yep Drudge has the story and pictures. I will warn you don’t look at the pictures unless you want to be very pissed off. OR if you are one of those stupid (D)umbacrats and still think that we need to talk to these people. Let me explain this to you again. They don’t just hate us, me, or my friends. They hate YOU! I mean hate in the way that they would not talk to you about why they hate you, but the way that they would slit your throat for you because they want you dead. They want to destroy everyone that does not believe the same twisted way they do. They do not want counseling, or to have a town meeting about it. Giving them more of MY money will not make them happy. Why? Because they want ALL of us dead and gone. This is not a police action Mr. Kerry. This is a very real WAR. You all need to understand that right dam now! They are not going to go away no matter how much we want them to like us, or what we buy them. They have told us this. So why don’t we believe them? I do, and I have an answer for them also. The US Army. They want death weellll no one does it better or faster, so come out from under your dam rock!

They should be thanking God (mind not theirs) that I am not in the presidents office behind the desk right now. I think my speech might go something like this: “If genocide is what they want, then brother they came to the right place!” I would immediately tell every country in that part of the world that if they don’t turn over ANY evidence and information about ALL terrorists that they would be held to account. I would then explain to them that this means if the CIA comes into my office and tells me that they had info that they did not give up, we would be coming in guns in hand to fix there dam intel problem for them! The UN doesn’t like it? So what? I don’t give a crap! But I digress, I am not in the office, but I do hope that the President decides that it’s time to slap a few people around with a 2x4 and get some answers. I also think that when we find these SOBs that we force them to eat pork before we shoot them and bury them with a pig carcass, publicly. That I mean.

The President Joins us today!

On the way to work I got to hear a lot of his speech. Everyone says that he is unable to communicate. Even I do occasionally, but what I have found is that it does depend on what he talks about and to who he is talking. The men and women at Ft. Lewis loved him. He thanked him repeatedly for their work. The man was on top of his game to my ears. He has a positive message to give. Kerry wishes he had a message that was positive. It was interesting to note that NO major news media in the Seattle area carried the speech at all. Only Northwest Cable News did. I wonder why that is? Again there is no media bias here, nope none at all. When I did get a chance to see some of the video I did notice that when he was done he went off to shake hands with some of the lucky soldiers, and I did not see any secret service personal trying to be as close to him as possible. Maybe they know that he was really in a safe place, and yes I know everyone there must have had a background check done on them. He hit the points of his speech dead on. Free Iraq, Let the people have their country back and his five point plan. Most importantly when he is doing a speech like this, he talks like a person, a real person. Kerry will never be able to do that. If the President can not be the Great Communicator, then at least he is the man with the message, and that is more than good enough for me.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

If Reagan Ran The War On Terror

The host at "alliance of free blogs" wanted an answer to this question. So heres my go on it really quick...

I think that “THE MAN” (love him) would have first taken any of the dam stupid idiot reporters from countries that do not support us, or tell dam lies about our troops out of the country and banned them from reentering. Then this soft handed approach, we cant go in there it’s a holy , would NEVER have happened. They would get a warning over a loud speaker and then a really loud speaker, say a 105mm howitzer, would warn them to death. He would have locked down the country and told them that when they grow up a little, not shooting at our men or each other, then they could take their country back. Yep it could have taken 4-5 years. SO WHAT. He would have told the U.N. to go and suck a (blank) and if they don’t like it they can try to stop us! Now don’t get me wrong I love GW a lot, but this dam Political Correctness IS getting some of our guys killed.

Tent City

Bothell Washington has a problem. They did not ask for the problem but they got it. There has been a lot of talk lately of test city #4 as it’s called (or camp shram). So much has been said but as I look around the net a little all I find is that the Libs are the ones saying it. They love it. They want to teach the local residents a lessen. How dare you not welcome them with open arms.

Well I wish Bothell good luck. Crime in the area has gone up. Who would have thunk. The city has been told that they have to pay of the over time of their cops. And the lessen is one of the following:
Don’t be poor (nope that can't be it)
We can do whatever we want.
You need to not only tolerate their lifestyle (homelessness) but you also need to accept it and provide for their choice.
We can do whatever we want
You should welcome anyone that wants to set up a tent in a vacant lot no matter who they are or why they are there.
We can do whatever we want.
Laws don’t necessarily apply to us because we are politically correct and we own the judges by proxy
We can do whatever we want!

Lots of good lessens there. Now what is the solution? Hmm well for one lets look at the majority of people out there. Why are they not poor and living in tents? Because it is a harder way of life! Or it is suppose to be. STOP making it so dam easy for them to chose this way of life and I bet a bunch of them that can get a job, even if they don't want to. They will be flipping burgers just to have a small apartment with some friends. You know what? Thats just fine. Not a problem, and welcome to society!

The rest? Well some people DO choose to live that way. That does not mean we have to hand them everything. If they want to live that way fine with me, but don’t ask for my help making your life easer if you can get a job. For the others? They do need our help. They can’t support them selves because they have a mental illness or a physical disability, I can understand that. This is where places like a church should step in first. Get these people some help, and if they can’t well then I guess some of MY tax dollars can go to helping these people out, if the churches will not step up to the plate.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Clinton's book review

I have to say I saw this at the Drudge Report. Dan Rather gives Clintons Book five stars. Seems the lefty got a prerelease of the book and well loved it. Wow like that’s news? Who would have thought. Geez I could have predicted this. In fact I would bet that he would have gave it a glowing review with out even getting past the cover. This is just crap reporting and I expect better from a real news reporter like Drudge. The left media is so left they can not even imagine a book from one of their stars that they could not love. People in this country need to wake up dam it. Stop watching there crap (they have started already) and start getting there news from less opinionated places or from places that don’t try to pretend to not have an agenda to grind. Fox news seems mostly neutral to me. I know most call it the right wing news, but that may be because they think the big 3 alphabet networks are in the unbiased. Well they aren’t, and if you pay attention, and keep an open mind you will see that your self. For example why today when the pres was giving a speech to the troops worldwide was King 5 in Seattle running a story about Michael “I cant stand America” Moore? Hmmm I don’t know? That is just one example.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

It’s the economy stupid!

I just heard a bunch of reports today that the economy is improving. In some states they actually have a surplus of funds. I also heard that 2/3 of all states are now in good economic times. So what happened to Washington and Oregon? I know they are not on that list of states. Politics and greed happened. I will lay odds that in most of the states that are now doing well they lowered taxes (although they now want to raise taxes again, Idiots). Well we in the great peoples republic of Washington did not lower taxes (or at least the government did not) and so taxes are still high, the climate for business still sucks (I don’t give a rip what the Gov. says). The whole attitude is big business and rich people are evil and bad. Well that’s just fine. So when was the last time a poor person gave you a job? I know that the economy is Washington is slowly getting better, I have seen it, but it should be growing by leaps and bounds. If out state government would just get off its ass or at least get out of our way, it would.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Administration not consistant

I just heard this on the news on the way to work today.

At the end of the first gulf war there was a Blackhawk shot down. Most of the brave men died when it crashed. My understanding is that two did survive. One had very serious injures, shattered leg, broken pelvis (they don’t call it a crash hawk for nothing). Any way, he was captured by saddam husain’s men. He was then Tortured. Not embarrassed or humiliated. There were no nice panties on his head or graphic pictures sexual pictures of him taken. No he was beaten, starved, and worse. When he got back to the real world, he did what most people would due. He found a lawyer and sued. Well he won. All the survivors collective won over 900 million dollars. Now I might think that this is a little tiny bit too much to give them but that’s not even the problem. Here is the problem. The Bush administration fought the pay out of these funds to the soldiers, saying that the funds were more needed in the reconstruction of Iraq. Ok this is just complete crap. For one I want to know where the oil money they are making right now is going? Why are we talking about giving reparations to the prisoners in the Iraq prison that were embarrassed? This just seems like a double standard to me. I don’t like it, and its wrong!

Opening Post

Well Hi there. This is my new Blog.

Kinda boring.. Well what I plan to talk about on this blog is what I see happening in the Peoples Republic of Washington. Or what is currently known as the land of Locke (as is Gary Locke our great gov.) If you have not notice by now I am not a great speller or good at the grammar stuff. I will try to spell check as much as I can so that you will not get a headache from reading my stuff.