Friday, July 16, 2004

Gone Camping

My family and I are going to go camping this weekend, so I will be back posting on monday!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Stupid Judges and Guns

I saw this yesterday on Kim du Toit’s site
With a follow up here at Star tribune

A Ramsey County District judge shot down Minnesota's permit-to-carry gun law Tuesday, saying that the way it was enacted in 2003 violated the state Constitution and the state's tradition of clean government.

But Sviggum said that critics of the bill had been proven wrong.
"The detractors of the bill said it would be the Wild, Wild West, there would be shootings at highway intersections for people who were mad drivers. That certainly did not come to pass. It was much, much less than it was portrayed to be.

OK so this judge decided that the law that was passed by the state legislature covered more than one topic, and therefore decided to through out the carry permit part of the law. So this is cute. A judge that, when an issue comes up that he does not like, decides that he ignore president and overturn the law. This is almost as bad as what happens here in The Peoples Republic of Washington. When the people pass an initiative we get sued by our own government and then the judges that we employ over turn the laws we pass, and have done so using this same reasoning. What works for the gun owners though is that this ruling will HAVE to be overturned, no two way about it. You see when a judge does something this stupid it has repercussions all though the system. State legislatures love to write bills and attach amendments that sometimes are barely connected to each other at all. They may be passing a law about raising traffic fines for speeding and attach an amendment making it a felony rob a store and use a private vehicle to escape. To most people these things seem different, but in the mind of a senator or congressmen they are very close together. Well with what this dumb judge has done, anyone that has arrested for robbing a store and then driving away will have there charges dropped. No the state supreme court will have to do the right thing and over turn this stupid judge. Now what needs to happen after that is, someone needs to figure out how to get this judge a job in the public sector. If he in an elected position, get him the hell out of there! If not the legislature can again do some good and remove him. They could even site his lack of IQ, or the fact that he is in fact an activist judge. I don’t care, but we really need to start cleaning up there mess!

You can wear your Gun in the open in VA!

I saw this on Washington post

In Virginia, as in many states, carrying a concealed weapon requires a permit, issued by a local court. But no permit is required to simply wield a gun in the open, a right reinforced by a state law that took effect July 1.

Fairfax police are baffled by the sudden display of weaponry but assume it was done to make some sort of statement.
"Crime is at 20-year lows in the county," Lt. Col. Charles K. Peters pointed out, even though the population is soaring. The county's homicide rate was the lowest in the nation last year among the 30 largest jurisdictions. "Hopefully no one feels the need to carry a gun, lawfully or unlawfully," Peters said. "But there's no question it is lawful to carry a gun on the street. So we've had to ensure that all of our officers are updated on the nuances of Virginia law that allow citizens to carry firearms in public places."

This is great. I would love to be able to carry my HK USP or my Para P-10 into a Starbucks in downtown Seattle or Tacoma! That would really be great! I could just piss off so may liberals at one time… of course the brass of the police don’t like it. I say the brass because one time here, at the local corner store. My wife and I talked to a Sheriff depute and asked him about his sidearm, which was a very nice Para P-12, if I remember correctly. We told him that we also carry and he asked us what we had, he then told us that he in fact wished that more people carried, because he felt that it made people safer. I was blown away, because I figured that he was just going to spew the crap of his political sheriff boss. So there are some people out there in blue that understand your rights and in fact think it’s a good idea. Just don’t expect the brass to be one of them. I never do.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Racial Profiling just might be a good idea? NO-WAY!

I saw this on Right-Thinking from the Left Coast
And then the follow up on CNN (the Clinton News Network)

Customs and Border Patrol agents arrested the passenger, Ali Mohamed Almosaleh, on July 7 in Minneapolis after he was picked randomly for a search, sources said.

Agents found Almosaleh to be carrying what they described as a suicide note and DVDs containing "anti-American material," officials said.

I just can’t believe that a person from that part of the world would have anti-American DVD’s on him (LOL). No way! He must have had a pirated copy of fraud-enheit 911 on him, Hmmm. Any way they seem to want to have a talk to him. What bothers my with this story is that apparently they still don’t do simple background checks on people. Where are they from? Male or female? Known religious affiliation? Age? You know simple background checks like that! Hell when was the last time that you saw some black or white, woman, 65 year old, Christian, hi-jack a plane or mass murder numerous people? I cant think of any! Oh and I know I could have substutited many things there and made it just as true, but if I use this. Man, from Middle East, age 20-35, Muslim. Well if you have honest with yourself you will see that you might want to look into them a little bit more. I am not saying that they should be arrested and interrogated, that would be wrong. What I am saying is lets come to reality folks. These are the kind of people that as of right now are instigating all the terror attacks all over the world. Does that make all people that fit this description bad or evil, NO, but it does say that we might want to dig just a little deeper just for our safety.

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WOW, I never thought that I would even get 10, Thanks to all that at least took the time to look at the garbage that I write!


Kids being taught to Kill in Gaza

I saw this on Fox news this morning and on
Bits Blog
And on Sky News

Children as young as 10 are being recruited to fight for the Palestinian cause.
She spoke to two 10-year-old recruits.
One of them, Mustafa, said he wanted to shoot down Israeli aircraft and blow up tanks.

OK now I like guns and shooting, but I really don’t think that putting a full-auto (as in a real assault weapon) in the hands of a 10 year old is a really good idea! Aside from that, this is just sick, They are kids for goodness sake. To say that they have been robbed of any resemblance of a childhood is an understatement. Now I know where these kids live is a very hard place, but I just can not understand there parents pushing these ideas on their kids at this young age. No I will not even try to understand it ether, its just wrong and criminal. Yes criminal, these are terrorist camps people. Plain and simple. If Israel went in there and blew it up and shot all the people there (hopefully just the adults) I would not shed a tear at all. When that is done you would have to at least arrest the parents, you just cant let the teachers of terrorism go free. When you hear how poor and beaten on the Palestinian people are, ask your self: have they ever talked about peace honestly? Would you want to have peace talks with a group that openly says that they just want you all dead? Would you want to have peace talks with a group that has blown up children’s school busses and city busses, family restraints and many other things against civilian targets? If you answers yes to all these then you are ether very stupid or a liberal, or both.

Concerns over Iraq Oil

Saw this story on Fox News:

First, "the board noted that there was a lack of adequate control over the extraction of crude oil, as evidenced by the absence of metering or measurement of extracted oil quantities," the report said.
The absence "precludes a reconciliation of all crude oil extracted with its eventual utilization, and allows oil proceeds to be diverted," it said.

This sounds like what you could expect at a bank if you let tellers pull money out of the safe, work all day, and then put back into the safe what they said they should, all with out cameras or computers tracking everything. What you get is a lot of stealing (UN,France?) for oil. Now I am not saying that bank tellers are thieves, just making an analogy. Now while this is bad, it can be fixed. What I want to know is where is all the money going? How much have they been making? Where was it spent? Will our country see any of it to offset the price of setting them free? I think and hope that the last one will happen eventually, but the other questions go unanswered. After all the talk about how they will be able to pay for their own reconstruction… I just have not seen it! Someone has that oil and money, I want to know who and why!

Hillary to keep her mouth shut!

Saw this on Drudge:

All I can say is that its about time!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Bush asked to speak to the NAACP? Your kidding!

I say this on BitsBlog
In connection to an article written by Armstrong Williams

The harsh words have become a tradition for Bond. Since becoming chairman of the NAACP in 1998, he has consistently used the organization's conventions to publicly proclaim his distaste for the Republicans. He's alternately referred to them as "neo-fascists," "the white-people's party" and "a crazed swarm of right-wing locusts" that have sought to "subvert, ignore, defy and destroy the laws that require an America which is bias-free." Bond opened the NAACP's 93rd annual national convention July 11 by comparing President Bush to a "snake oil" salesman.

Ironically, Bond also expressed disappointment that President Bush chose not to participate in this year's convention. As with most of Bond's remarks, this should be taken with a handful of salt. After all, why on earth would President Bush attend the conference of an organization that openly attacks him, consciously polarizes the race debate against Republicans and effectively acts as the black wing of the Democratic Party?

Forgive me here, but did the NAACP actually think that the Pres might actually accept the invite? I don’t think they did for one minute. They just wanted a another opportunity to scream and whine about him. Any one with a little bit of common sense would have known that there was no way he was going to be there. I just wish I could have heard the conversation in the oval office over this decision! Seems pretty simple to me.

Monday, July 12, 2004

More Gun Banning

Here is a letter that I received from my senator Maria Cantwell, or Cant do well, in response to my request that she NOT support the continued ban on assault weapons.

Dear Mr. X:

Thank you for contacting me to express your views on the assault weapons ban. I appreciate having the benefit of your views on this important issue, and I appreciate hearing from you.
(When you read on you will see, she could not care less about my opinion or my vote)

On March 2, 2004, the United States Senate voted 52-47 on a bipartisan basis to reauthorize the assault weapons ban for an additional ten years. (I think that bipartisan means that some stupid wishy washy namby pamby republicans, in name only, voted with her) I was proud to support this extension, a policy for which both Attorney General Ashcroft and President Bush have also expressed support. (I know she is telling the truth here a little bit) The law bans certain models of semiautomatic assault weapons and ammunition magazines of high-capacity (that hold more than ten rounds).(what this means is that when I go out I carry 20 rounds) A recent study by the Department of Justice shows that the use of banned guns in crime has fallen by more than 60 percent between 1995 and 2002. (is she saying that legally run gun shops were selling assault type weapons to criminals?) I supported the original Assault Weapons Ban as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and I believe the law has worked.

Unfortunately, the amendment will not become law, as the bill to which the amendment was offered was subsequently defeated. (someone got a clue!) I am committed to efforts to extend the law this year.(again I asked her not to in my letter, but she really does not care) While President Bush has stated his support for reauthorizing the ban, House Majority Leader Tom Delay has announced that he does not intend to bring the extension up for a vote.(which is good for him) I look forward to working with President Bush to honor his commitment to maintain this common-sense gun law. (if you believe that he really wants this on his desk then ether you are very wrong, or he does not want to get re-elected.)

While I support extending the assault weapons ban, I am also committed to protecting Second Amendment rights,(well not she really isn't) and I know that recreational use and collection of guns for hunting, sport, and other activities is extremely important to you and many other law- abiding Washingtonians.(just as long as we don't want them for self defense or well just because we would like to use our freedom and “want” them) That is why I also cosponsored an amendment to expand the ability of law enforcement officers across the country to carry concealed weapons as they already have the right to do in our state. (wow this sounds like a good idea on the surface)

As your Senator, you can be assured that I will work to protect the legitimate rights of law-abiding American gun-owners, while continuing to support responsible legislation to reduce crime and make our communities safer.(yep she supports laws that restrict law biding citizens) I believe both of these goals are important and can be simultaneously accomplished. I value the input of responsible gun buyers and sellers in forming common sense gun policy.
Again, thank you for contacting me on this important issue. Please do not hesitate to contact me again on this or any other issue.
Maria Cantwell

United States Senator

This is got to be a “where do I start” one! First she says it is bipartisan. What that means is that some idiots that call themselves republicans voted with her. Then she said that Bush supports this. Well there is one of two ways to read this. Ether Bush really does support it, meaning that if it comes to his desk he will have to ether: A. find a reason to veto it (not likely, as he has never vetoed anything!) Or B. is going to sign it and does not really WANT to be reelected to office, because he would loose a LOT of voters if he signed this piece of crap. Or he says that he supports it and believes that it will never see his desk. That way he has the best of both worlds. He supports gun banning (control), but never signed any ban into law. I think it is the latter option myself. Then she says that crime from using banned guns has dropped 60%? I will have to look that up, but does that mean that there were gun shops that were actively selling guns to criminals? Maybe we should be looking into that? I also love how she says that she is committed to protecting the 2 nd amendment. That is a laugh! She states what she thinks that the 2 nd amendment means. It means that we can hunt, target shoot, but that's really about it in her opinion. I guess that she has ether never read the 2 nd amendment, or like most liberals believes that she knows what is best for us. Never mind that the law does not protect anyone. I would even bet if you asked her what guns it banned and how a gun is defined as an assault weapon she could not tell you. I would love to know how limiting my HK USP .45 to only 10 rounds in the magazine makes it any safer then if it could carry the 12 it is suppose to have? Like I said I carry 2 mags now, 20 rounds, so maybe I am a little safer! Look I am not asking for a full auto weapon to be available to anyone that wants one, although I think that people should be able to buy them after a extensive background check, but really banning a weapon because of a bayonet lug and a pistol grip is just stupid! When are people going to realize that there are enough gun laws and that these “control” laws only affect citizens that observe the law, criminals don't care what laws we pass hence the term criminal. These laws only serve to restrict our freedom, and don't protect us from anyone; they just serve protecting the criminals.