Thursday, July 15, 2004

Stupid Judges and Guns

I saw this yesterday on Kim du Toit’s site
With a follow up here at Star tribune

A Ramsey County District judge shot down Minnesota's permit-to-carry gun law Tuesday, saying that the way it was enacted in 2003 violated the state Constitution and the state's tradition of clean government.

But Sviggum said that critics of the bill had been proven wrong.
"The detractors of the bill said it would be the Wild, Wild West, there would be shootings at highway intersections for people who were mad drivers. That certainly did not come to pass. It was much, much less than it was portrayed to be.

OK so this judge decided that the law that was passed by the state legislature covered more than one topic, and therefore decided to through out the carry permit part of the law. So this is cute. A judge that, when an issue comes up that he does not like, decides that he ignore president and overturn the law. This is almost as bad as what happens here in The Peoples Republic of Washington. When the people pass an initiative we get sued by our own government and then the judges that we employ over turn the laws we pass, and have done so using this same reasoning. What works for the gun owners though is that this ruling will HAVE to be overturned, no two way about it. You see when a judge does something this stupid it has repercussions all though the system. State legislatures love to write bills and attach amendments that sometimes are barely connected to each other at all. They may be passing a law about raising traffic fines for speeding and attach an amendment making it a felony rob a store and use a private vehicle to escape. To most people these things seem different, but in the mind of a senator or congressmen they are very close together. Well with what this dumb judge has done, anyone that has arrested for robbing a store and then driving away will have there charges dropped. No the state supreme court will have to do the right thing and over turn this stupid judge. Now what needs to happen after that is, someone needs to figure out how to get this judge a job in the public sector. If he in an elected position, get him the hell out of there! If not the legislature can again do some good and remove him. They could even site his lack of IQ, or the fact that he is in fact an activist judge. I don’t care, but we really need to start cleaning up there mess!

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