Thursday, December 02, 2004

Just some thoughts

OK, here we go down the road of crap so that the (D)umbacrat can get in to the gov’s house. People are starting to get pissed, even some liberals! So lets see what has happened so far. Dino won the first count. Then Dino won the second count, even after the (D)umbacrats added in votes (“RE”-count?) and even got to “Interpret” votes for the voters that don’t know how to vote correctly. That almost got them there, just 42 votes away from winning. So now we need to do at least one more count. This time thought we need to change the way we count so that we can “find” the other 42-43 votes that she needs to win. Yep we are going to change to a less perfect method of counting. You see they will tell you that the machines make about 1-2% errors. Well that is just not true. Here are the facts. 1-2% of voters make mistakes when they vote. While the machines are certified to make only 1 mistake in every 1,000,000 ballets counted. So if a group of people count all the ballets by hand and make 2 mistakes for every 1 million they count they are twice as bad as the machine. The problem is that they do not intend to be fair. They are going to do more “interpreting” of votes. Finding votes and other crap to win. You see even thought the election has been certified they still don’t think they lost.