Friday, July 09, 2004

Tear down that nice protective wall

I saw this on Right thinking from the left coast

The International Court of Justice will rule on Friday that the separation fence contravenes international law, that it must be dismantled, and that compensation must be paid to the Palestinian owners of property confiscated for its construction, according to documents obtained by Haaretz.

Yep the well respected (laughing) world court has said that it is wrong to protect yourself from violent terrorist attacks by building a protective fence. People this is not THE WALL this is a protective wall. It is not designed to keep people in, but to keep people out! I guess what the world court would rather have is Israel guard its borders with high powered machine guns. Maybe they could paint a line there the fence is and put up signs that people that cross the line or look like they are going to cross the like will be blow away. Is that what they want? I just hope that Israel just tells them to kiss off, and challenges them to enforce there stupid ruling.

You want this guy to be protecting you?

I saw this on Drudge

KING: News of the day, Tom Ridge warned today about al Qaeda plans of a large-scale attack on the United States. Didn't increase the -- you see any politics in this? What's your reaction?

KERRY: Well, I haven't been briefed yet, Larry. They have offered to brief me. I just haven't had time.

OK so this is the man that is going to be protecting you when you sleep? King is like the easiest interview going, especially if you are a (D)umbacrat. I bet even he never expected this kind of response! This man has no business being in charge of anything!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Edwards already in violation? Cant be!

I saw this on BitsBlog
Read the story on The Hill

The North Carolina senator and former trial lawyer leaned heavily on his former peers for campaign funding. More than half of his donations came from trial lawyers, and 22 of his top 25 contributions came from his former colleagues at the bar.

Tab Turner, for example, the eminent Little Rock trial lawyer, donated $200,000 to Edwards’s campaign and his 527 committees. Investigators interviewed the clerks in his firm in whose names many of the donations were made. Slate magazine reported, on Aug. 29, 2003, that “one clerk who gave $2,000 to Edwards said that Turner had ‘asked for people to support Edwards’ and assured them that ‘he would reimburse us.’”

Ok I know this is not really nice, but what were you expecting from the number 4 most liberal (D)umbacrat? I mean they have proven that the laws that they help make don’t really, and should not, be applied to them. Those laws exist for other people.

I was surprised to see a reference to little rock. Ok not really that surprised, but still. I hope that John and John are ready for the bumpy ride they are going to get this summer. If not from Bush (and that’s where it should be coming from) then from talk radio and blogers. So hurry up and get your excuses ready John, things just might get a little interesting!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

NASA needs to think more PC?

I caught this on DANEgerus’s blog

And the story leads me to Michelle Malkin’s page:

We ask, again, what is it about Islam that is so sensitive and delicate that all non-Muslim Americans must be trained in how to react to them? Why is Islam, above all other religions in the United States today, being taught in American institutions?

What about Christians? Have Christians ever been invited to NASA to speak about multiculturalism and diversity? How about the Jews? Any invites for them to discuss their culture? Why would NASA invite CAIR to speak to them when CAIR personnel are not allowed in the White House? What special insight does CAIR present about Islam that NASA can’t get from some other Islamic group that isn’t hell-bent on destroying America as we know it?

Apparently the Council on American-Islamic Relations wants to talk to employees at NASA and make them more PC? I just can not remember when NASA ever even made a statement that had anything to do with a persons ethnic background. You would think that they have better things to be doing at NASA. Hmmm like designing a new space obiter, or the ISS, or a mission to the moon or mars, or ……

When do we get to just shoot these people?

I saw this on Insite on the news:

"We've already had instances where we know that people who have been released from our detention have gone back and have become combatants again," Rep. Porter Goss (R-Fla.)

Ok so what we have here is that we captured these guys, asked them some questions and now released them. They turn around and start trying to kill more of us? When oh when do we just say we will not take prisoners, if you want to stay alive say out of the fight. Oh and don’t forget that now the supreme court has said that these bozos get to have there day in court even thought they are not citizens of this country! Also we have a bunch of whiners in this country, and congress that want to make it so that if our guys are nice and don’t shoot these bastards at first sight, we can do no more than ask them very nicely (while they watch a little TV and get to eat like a king on our dime) if they have any thing they want to tell us! You know, if we can no longer interrogate these people, and they get all the rights that I do, just shoot them or blow them up on the field of battle. Anything more is a waist of time and my (and your) money.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Kerry Picks Running Mate and no one cares

John (freak’n) Kerry finally picked (finagled) a running mate. He picked another flip-flopping senator. This guy is perfect for the ticket. At one time he said (wisely) that he did not want to be the running mate, then in a dramatic change of mind he said, yep I want to be that man. Then I remembered that this person is a (D)umbacrat, so it really was kind of predictable that he would flip-flop on this decision. Finally I know that every news source and Blog (myself included) is talking about this, but the real question is. Does any one even care. I have read a few of the news reports, but there is no energy there, and what is there seems faked. Or it could be that I don’t care, because it is just more of the same from the (D)umbacrat’s, flip-flops, and lies. So stay tuned to this story I bet it will get Interst….. er. boring fast.

RUSH Kicks Ass

I went to the Rush 30th anniversary concert on Friday. I all I can say is that these guys still kick butt today. Neal Pert is The Best Drummer in music period. Thanks for a great concert guys, and I do hope you come back my way soon!