Wednesday, July 07, 2004

When do we get to just shoot these people?

I saw this on Insite on the news:

"We've already had instances where we know that people who have been released from our detention have gone back and have become combatants again," Rep. Porter Goss (R-Fla.)

Ok so what we have here is that we captured these guys, asked them some questions and now released them. They turn around and start trying to kill more of us? When oh when do we just say we will not take prisoners, if you want to stay alive say out of the fight. Oh and don’t forget that now the supreme court has said that these bozos get to have there day in court even thought they are not citizens of this country! Also we have a bunch of whiners in this country, and congress that want to make it so that if our guys are nice and don’t shoot these bastards at first sight, we can do no more than ask them very nicely (while they watch a little TV and get to eat like a king on our dime) if they have any thing they want to tell us! You know, if we can no longer interrogate these people, and they get all the rights that I do, just shoot them or blow them up on the field of battle. Anything more is a waist of time and my (and your) money.

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