Thursday, July 08, 2004

Edwards already in violation? Cant be!

I saw this on BitsBlog
Read the story on The Hill

The North Carolina senator and former trial lawyer leaned heavily on his former peers for campaign funding. More than half of his donations came from trial lawyers, and 22 of his top 25 contributions came from his former colleagues at the bar.

Tab Turner, for example, the eminent Little Rock trial lawyer, donated $200,000 to Edwards’s campaign and his 527 committees. Investigators interviewed the clerks in his firm in whose names many of the donations were made. Slate magazine reported, on Aug. 29, 2003, that “one clerk who gave $2,000 to Edwards said that Turner had ‘asked for people to support Edwards’ and assured them that ‘he would reimburse us.’”

Ok I know this is not really nice, but what were you expecting from the number 4 most liberal (D)umbacrat? I mean they have proven that the laws that they help make don’t really, and should not, be applied to them. Those laws exist for other people.

I was surprised to see a reference to little rock. Ok not really that surprised, but still. I hope that John and John are ready for the bumpy ride they are going to get this summer. If not from Bush (and that’s where it should be coming from) then from talk radio and blogers. So hurry up and get your excuses ready John, things just might get a little interesting!

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