Friday, August 20, 2004

Kerry calls all of them Liars

From all over but quotes from FOX:

"But here's what you really need to know about them. They're funded by hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Republican contributor out of Texas. They're a front for the Bush campaign. And the fact that the President won't denounce what they're up to tells you everything you need to know. He wants them to do his dirty work."

All Kerry did at this speech is attack the messenger, over 200 of them, and they are ALL liars?. He has not defended himself from the message itself. Now the media supports him on this point because when they talk about this speech they frame it as he is defending himself from the message these vets are trying to get out, but that’s just not true. Kerry is telling you all you need to know is that they are Republicans and that is supposed to make there message invalid. Again I don’t know if the message is correct, but if he is not refuting the message then I think there may be some truth in the message itself.

Over the last few days I have been in a funk about all this really. The people that don’t want Kerry in the oval office are messing up big time, and I fear it will allow Kerry to be President. They should not be attacking, bringing up, or even mentioning any thing to do with his service in Viet Nam (You did know Kerry was in Viet Nam right?). What they need to be doing is attacking and exposing what he did after he got back home. No I am not talking about his Lying to congress ether. Both of those things are over 25 years old, so let it die. What they need to be attacking him on is his record in the senate. It is easy, its documented, and he can not run from it. I would even put money on it that many in the Kerry camp are happy that we seem to preoccupied with this dam war stuff, because they know that he is most vulnerable on his senate record. People if we don’t shift focus quickly we are going to loose this. The only good that could come from that is the Hillary would not be able to run in 2008. The media is all on his side and our side is not focused on what counts and what will work. I fear for our side right now.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Alaska Gov has brains and Balls

From FoxNews:

Republican Gov. Frank Murkowski said he is encouraging oil companies to begin test drilling as early as January on the first three miles of submerged land off the Alaska coast, land that belongs to the state.

"We are a sovereign state and we have this authority and I hope we find a big puddle down there," Murkowski said.

This is just great! At least someone has the balls to stand up to the environmentalists. The facts are that drilling can be done safely, with ether very very little spilling on start up or most likely none at all. I just hope for his sake that the Feds and especially the dam activist judges stay out of the whole mix and let him do what he needs to do. He is doing more right now for the whole US then the (D)umbacrats have done in the last 4+ years! No, Kerry is bashing Bush for not having a energy plan, when in truth he does, but the congress that Kerry is a part of just seems not to be able to pass it or even one that they like. So because they wont pass an energy plan (Kerry and his friends) we still need more sources of oil my friends. I would love to see the Bush plans to put more research into Hydrogen powered cars actually happen, but for some reason the (D)umbacrats just wont let it happen. Who is helping big oil now? Hmmm…….

Gore can’t drive 55

From the Seattle PI:

Gore, who was alone, was issued a $141 ticket for driving 75 mph on state Route 26 in the northwest corner of the state, police said. The speed limit is 55.

Very small story that I thought was funny as this is the guy who wrote a book that said the internal combustion engine the greatest enemy of mankind. And wanted to sign the Keoto treaty. As I am sure he would tell us. Driving at 75 waists gas, and causes more greenhouse gases to be produced. But he is a popular (D)umbacrat so those things just don’t apply to him!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Kerry is not hiding anything!

From the Washington Times:

"Senator Kerry's entire military service record is posted on His entire record," said Michael Meehan, adviser for communications to the campaign, at a press conference called to defend Mr. Kerry against recent charges that the former Navy lieutenant didn't deserve some of his war decorations — three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star.

Now again, I have no idea wither Kerry deserves the medals that he did or did not through over the fence at the white house. I also know of NO one in the media that has said ‘I asked for the records and they handed all of them to me! It had information on all three tours. It was all there, and they did not make me go though any hoops to get them’. Nope I have not seen that or anything like it anywhere! The fact is I am sure that he does not want us the common man, the people he is so in touch with, to see his military records. I also believe that if we did it would show that he did not save the planet from the evil Viet Cong, which is something that almost implied whenever he talks. By the way, did you know John Kerry was in Viet Nam?....

Kerry wants to keep pouring money into Europe

From FoxNews:

In a speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Kerry was arguing Wednesday that Bush's policy would undermine relations with U.S. allies and dangerously reduce forces at a time when the nation is fighting the Al Qaeda terrorist network in 60 countries across the globe, according to a senior campaign official familiar with discussions about the speech

OK here we go. Kerry has always voted to cut the military and shrink the forces that we have. Now that bush says that we need to put our troops out of places like Germany, Kerry is against it? Well because it is going to hurt our relationship with them. Meaning when they don’t get the millions of dollars that our government and soldiers, pour into the region they will like us even LESS then they do now! Hmm sorry I don’t care. If anything they say it will take 10 years to make this happen. I say do it in 2 no more. They have been protesting the US for quite awhile now, and if they don’t like us that’s fine, we can take a hint, so lets go home! Really though is there any reason we need still need to keep any troops there to defend them? Defend them from what? Terrorists? They like them for goodness sake! They dislike us. We no longer have a reason to be there so here is the exit strategy. Boys pack up your stuff were out of here!

Iraq to flex its new freedom

From FoxNews:

"There will be no American intervention in this regard. The only American intervention would be aerial protection and also securing some of the roads that lead to the compound. As for entering the compound, it will be 100 percent Iraqis," Shaalan said.

I hope they pull this off with complete success and flying colors. I would add that success would mean putting a bullet in that al-Sadr person. Martyr him, what ever, he needs to be gone! It seems to me that if he is gone that Iraq can then make even more steps forward! I am glad to see that Americans will only be observing this action. I wish the men all the luck in the world and good hunting!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Fighting gun crime!

On TribNet:

Law enforcement authorities launched a campaign Monday to combat gun violence in Western Washington, including Pierce County.

A primary element is a plan to get more aggressive about prosecuting gun crimes in federal court, where defendants face steeper sentences.

"We're very serious about this message," U.S. Attorney John McKay told a news conference. "If they have a gun in their hand, we're going to get them."

WOW its about time! I even believe that the NRA has been asking ALL governments to take this approach. In the article they don’t even want to pass more laws! Amazing! It seems that they finally understand that they can use the laws they already have, who would have thought! No legal owner of weapons is going to be against this, there will be no protests from ether side. So why have they not tried this before. I guess its all about the message. The quote from U.S. Attorney John McKay is really telling. You see before they were not serious about the message and apparently they might not have got the criminals with guns in there hand. Yep they were more concerned with passing more gun control laws then using the laws they have it seems…..

The Johns to help Rural America?

From FoxNews:

"The key to this is to have a president and vice president of the United States who don't think of rural America as a place you fly over between New York and California," Edwards told a private gathering of about 35 people on a 500-acre family farm. "It's part of our way of life, what we believe in."

Yep that’s right the multi-millionaire trial lawyer that helped raise the cost of having a baby in a hospital and the super rich, married an even richer woman, 20+ year senator are really in touch with you! Sure they are. They don’t believe in class warfare or anything right? Right!....

Monday, August 16, 2004

They threw an Olympics and no one showed up.


On Saturday, the first full day of competition, weightlifter Nurcan Taylan became the first Turkish woman to win an Olympic gold medal but her feat was achieved in a near empty stadium.

On Sunday, tennis superstars Venus Williams and Andy Roddick, used to playing to packed courts, began their Olympic quest to vacant stands.

I found this funny as I have not really tried to watch the Olympics for many years. The last time that I did, I sat there with a stopwatch. It was one minutes of coverage for every 2 minutes of commercials. That was why I don’t even try anymore. Now with my TIVO I might give it a shot again. Also I think it is very well understood that the Olympics just don’t matter that much anymore to Americans. Not sure why, but it might be because we are not competing with the USSR anymore.

Banding together against Kerry!

Four Right Wing Wackos has a story showing several different veterans group’s against Kerry. As well as how Kerry responded. It’s a good read.