Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Kerry is not hiding anything!

From the Washington Times:

"Senator Kerry's entire military service record is posted on His entire record," said Michael Meehan, adviser for communications to the campaign, at a press conference called to defend Mr. Kerry against recent charges that the former Navy lieutenant didn't deserve some of his war decorations — three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star.

Now again, I have no idea wither Kerry deserves the medals that he did or did not through over the fence at the white house. I also know of NO one in the media that has said ‘I asked for the records and they handed all of them to me! It had information on all three tours. It was all there, and they did not make me go though any hoops to get them’. Nope I have not seen that or anything like it anywhere! The fact is I am sure that he does not want us the common man, the people he is so in touch with, to see his military records. I also believe that if we did it would show that he did not save the planet from the evil Viet Cong, which is something that almost implied whenever he talks. By the way, did you know John Kerry was in Viet Nam?....

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