Thursday, August 19, 2004

Alaska Gov has brains and Balls

From FoxNews:

Republican Gov. Frank Murkowski said he is encouraging oil companies to begin test drilling as early as January on the first three miles of submerged land off the Alaska coast, land that belongs to the state.

"We are a sovereign state and we have this authority and I hope we find a big puddle down there," Murkowski said.

This is just great! At least someone has the balls to stand up to the environmentalists. The facts are that drilling can be done safely, with ether very very little spilling on start up or most likely none at all. I just hope for his sake that the Feds and especially the dam activist judges stay out of the whole mix and let him do what he needs to do. He is doing more right now for the whole US then the (D)umbacrats have done in the last 4+ years! No, Kerry is bashing Bush for not having a energy plan, when in truth he does, but the congress that Kerry is a part of just seems not to be able to pass it or even one that they like. So because they wont pass an energy plan (Kerry and his friends) we still need more sources of oil my friends. I would love to see the Bush plans to put more research into Hydrogen powered cars actually happen, but for some reason the (D)umbacrats just wont let it happen. Who is helping big oil now? Hmmm…….

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