Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Fighting gun crime!

On TribNet:

Law enforcement authorities launched a campaign Monday to combat gun violence in Western Washington, including Pierce County.

A primary element is a plan to get more aggressive about prosecuting gun crimes in federal court, where defendants face steeper sentences.

"We're very serious about this message," U.S. Attorney John McKay told a news conference. "If they have a gun in their hand, we're going to get them."

WOW its about time! I even believe that the NRA has been asking ALL governments to take this approach. In the article they don’t even want to pass more laws! Amazing! It seems that they finally understand that they can use the laws they already have, who would have thought! No legal owner of weapons is going to be against this, there will be no protests from ether side. So why have they not tried this before. I guess its all about the message. The quote from U.S. Attorney John McKay is really telling. You see before they were not serious about the message and apparently they might not have got the criminals with guns in there hand. Yep they were more concerned with passing more gun control laws then using the laws they have it seems…..

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