Friday, October 01, 2004

My Take on the Debate

Today I am finding my self in a interesting position. I disagree with DANEgerus. He things that Bush smacked Kerry around, but I disagree. Bush missed several opportunities and in at least a couple of points he seemed to let himself get flustered. Kerry on the other hand was on the attack. Bush was on message and did nail Kerry on several points I thought. Me I just wanted to see Bush nail Kerry every chance he could. Bush did point out several times Kerry’s stupidity by using his own words against him, but sometimes failed to follow up. For example when Bush brought up the 87 billion dollars, Kerry said he spoke badly, but Bush did not follow through at all. He should have said something like’ ok you misspoke, but you still voted to not fund the war, voted to not support the troops, you said that I sent them into battle with out proper equipment, after you voted down the money needed to get that equipment. He did not do that, he just let it go. There were many other missed opportunities, but on the whole I believe this is a draw. I just hope Bush does better next week.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Kerry got Color!

From Drudge:

Just days before Dem presidential hopeful John Kerry is set to take the stage in a debate opener projected to be seen by 70 million, photos show Kerry dramatically taking on color.

Is it the late September Wisconsin sun during debate prep that has turned Kerry's face to rich pumpkin-colored hues?

Or has the senator been campaigning in the rust-belt?

Kerry advisers defend the sudden deep tan transition, noting how it simply was from a game of flag football last Friday in Bedford, Mass.

But the College Democrats who met Kerry were surprised by his rich tan glow -- before the game even began, the HARVARD CRIMSON reports.

You got to go and see these pictures. Yes Photoshop might have been involved, but I don’t think Drudge would do that. I guess he got tired of the Lurch jokes? The pictures remind me of movies where the person stands to close to a sun light, or looks directly into a nuclear blast, something like that!

Monday, September 27, 2004

The Debates

With the debates coming all eyes are on the candidates again, and with good reason. Right now according to many different polls (none of which I believe) Bush is out in front by enough to win. Again I do not believe that, but what ya going to do. Anyway if Bush is going to keep the momentum up he has to clearly beat Kerry in the debates. Now I don’t mean stomp on him and make him cry for moma, but he has to win. The problem here is that Kerry is a great debater. Bush is not a great orator, but he talks like a real person, and talks to the people. Stay on message Mr. Bush we are listening.

My Wife

I have no idea how my wife puts up with me. Sense I lost my job I have been a mess. I can be fine one minute and the next nervous and upset to the point it almost makes me sick. I could never be a under cover agent my body would give me up in a second. My wife bless her has been comforting me the whole time. I know everything is going to be ok. I am looking for a job right now, and have been from the time I lost mine. Still sometimes I just cant seem to cope with it. I a so blessed she is with me.