Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Kerry got Color!

From Drudge:

Just days before Dem presidential hopeful John Kerry is set to take the stage in a debate opener projected to be seen by 70 million, photos show Kerry dramatically taking on color.

Is it the late September Wisconsin sun during debate prep that has turned Kerry's face to rich pumpkin-colored hues?

Or has the senator been campaigning in the rust-belt?

Kerry advisers defend the sudden deep tan transition, noting how it simply was from a game of flag football last Friday in Bedford, Mass.

But the College Democrats who met Kerry were surprised by his rich tan glow -- before the game even began, the HARVARD CRIMSON reports.

You got to go and see these pictures. Yes Photoshop might have been involved, but I don’t think Drudge would do that. I guess he got tired of the Lurch jokes? The pictures remind me of movies where the person stands to close to a sun light, or looks directly into a nuclear blast, something like that!

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