Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wow here we are

Well Here we are 1 month from the finish line with one of the most liberal/socialist/Marxist candidate ever to run for office in the lead. In the end I believe that we all lose. No one will win this. This may just go down as the beginning of the end for the Great US of A. NOT because he is black, and NOT because he is a liberal/socialist. but because what he wants to do, which most Americans and congress seem more than willing to follow, will fundamentally change our country in ways that were never dreamed of and we may not have a way back. I don't think I need to rehash them here, but is in a nut shell it is the redistribution of wealth in the name of fairness, and the idea that everyone in entitled and the government is here to supply.

Just ask yourself one question. what does it mean when almost every other country in the world wants him to be our new president? It don't make me feel good.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Welcome back

Ok welcome back to me at least. I have not added to my Blog for quite awhile, but I will try to start posting again. If only for myself. Things are heating up in the bid for the next prez and all I want is a do over. more later.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Just some thoughts

OK, here we go down the road of crap so that the (D)umbacrat can get in to the gov’s house. People are starting to get pissed, even some liberals! So lets see what has happened so far. Dino won the first count. Then Dino won the second count, even after the (D)umbacrats added in votes (“RE”-count?) and even got to “Interpret” votes for the voters that don’t know how to vote correctly. That almost got them there, just 42 votes away from winning. So now we need to do at least one more count. This time thought we need to change the way we count so that we can “find” the other 42-43 votes that she needs to win. Yep we are going to change to a less perfect method of counting. You see they will tell you that the machines make about 1-2% errors. Well that is just not true. Here are the facts. 1-2% of voters make mistakes when they vote. While the machines are certified to make only 1 mistake in every 1,000,000 ballets counted. So if a group of people count all the ballets by hand and make 2 mistakes for every 1 million they count they are twice as bad as the machine. The problem is that they do not intend to be fair. They are going to do more “interpreting” of votes. Finding votes and other crap to win. You see even thought the election has been certified they still don’t think they lost.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Washington Gov Predictions.

Well now that the recount is in. I will predict that the Dumbacrats will ask for a hand recount in King County (the one county that really did all it could to close the lead on Rosi). They will then continue what they have apparently been doing for the last week and fabricate at least 43 new votes to make sure that Gregoire wins. I was asked if I really thought that they would do that. Well I don’t think they will. I know they will. They are the real believers in winning at all costs. Anyone who things that this state election was on the up and up is just nuts. King county has stole the election. Notice I did not blame Gregoire, I don’t think she really had anything to do with it, But the people in King county? That’s a whole other story.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Courts make correct decision

I saw this on Alphecca

The Illinois Supreme Court threw out two lawsuits accusing gunmakers of knowingly letting weapons fall into the hands of gang members and other criminals, ruling Thursday that the manufacturers cannot legally be blamed for street violence.

I am stunned, amazed and thankful that they finally came to the only reasonable decision. What the gun grabbers were proposing was the same as suing Ford or GM for selling cars that drunk drivers drive and kill people with. No one in there right mind is going to by that crap, and fortunately the Supreme Court in Illinois didn’t ether. What is wrong here is that the case should have never had gotten this far to start with. The lower court should have dismissed the case with prejudice or just refused to hear it at all. It just seems that the judges we have now just don’t have the will power to tell someone that they are being silly and to go away. Gun manufactures do not sell guns to criminals, if they did they would be shutdown by the Federal Government, and rightfully so! No they sell their weapons to distributors and gun shops. These too are tightly regulated outlets. If they were to sell to criminals they would also be shutdown. What I also don’t get here is, the Court made the correct decision, shouldn’t that be national news? Oh yeah, it went against the Liberals never mind.

Governor’s race

The race to direct Washington in the future is very tight. Right now Dino Rossi is ahead by only 261 votes. Now by anyone’s standards this is extremely close. So its time for a recount. Now it is true that no election in Washington state has ever been turned over on a recount, but no election has ever been this close. Also with the recent history of Lawyers getting involved in politics, the outcome is anyone’s guess. Even if the race is over turned and we get another liberal lawyer in office, one thing is clear. The people of Washington are slowly waking up and they want change, something different. My advice to Dino, if you get in you better produce. If you don’t you are not just going to hurt you but the Republican Party in Washington.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

More people that think we should care and they should matter

From the Seattle PI:

VANCOUVER, B.C. -- Jamal Saad is gay. And Middle Eastern. And disappointed in his U.S. neighbors.

"We hate Bush. We despise Bush," said the 17-year-old film student with hair bleached sunny yellow and thoughts of someday having a same-sex spouse. He hails from Lebanon and has roots in Russia. "People there hate Bush, too."

"Bush is still in the crazy foreign policy days of 'conquer the world,' " said Dave Trent, a 27-year-old software developer and glass importer whose business has been dinged by harsh U.S. tariffs.

Trent and friends concluded that the election, with its dated low-tech polling system, must be rigged. How else to explain the inexplicable?

"I've traveled extensively in Europe, and I haven't talked to one European who has a fond opinion of the man," Trent said.

I am amazed they are still running these stories. Listen all you bone heads in other countries. WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. SO SHUT UP! Your opinion doesn’t matter one little bit. As a friend of mine said ‘you can measure how much I care in micro-give-a-s#@ts’. You don’t get to vote and your opinion does not count here. It is so F-ing arrogant to talk to us as if we really should value the opinion of a person that does not live here and does not have a real vested interested in the safety and future of this country. I can not remember when we collectively or even as a large group gave a crap who you elected, and in this persons opinion you have elected some real boneheads. If that’s what you want, great, hope you like your socialized everything, and once again, Kiss off.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

France takes unilateral action!

Washington Post:

France rolled out overwhelming military force Sunday to put down an explosion of anti-French violence in its former West African colony, deploying troops, armored vehicles, and helicopter gunships against machete-waving mobs that hunted house-to-house for foreigners.

The U.N. Security Council, in emergency session late Saturday, demanded an immediate halt to all military action in Ivory Coast, and France blamed Ivory Coast's leader directly.

Wow where do you start with this one? I did not think that France had the balls to actually do anything like this. Why is this not in the main stream media? It seems that they are allowed to fight to protect their own interests, but that we can not.