Friday, November 19, 2004

Courts make correct decision

I saw this on Alphecca

The Illinois Supreme Court threw out two lawsuits accusing gunmakers of knowingly letting weapons fall into the hands of gang members and other criminals, ruling Thursday that the manufacturers cannot legally be blamed for street violence.

I am stunned, amazed and thankful that they finally came to the only reasonable decision. What the gun grabbers were proposing was the same as suing Ford or GM for selling cars that drunk drivers drive and kill people with. No one in there right mind is going to by that crap, and fortunately the Supreme Court in Illinois didn’t ether. What is wrong here is that the case should have never had gotten this far to start with. The lower court should have dismissed the case with prejudice or just refused to hear it at all. It just seems that the judges we have now just don’t have the will power to tell someone that they are being silly and to go away. Gun manufactures do not sell guns to criminals, if they did they would be shutdown by the Federal Government, and rightfully so! No they sell their weapons to distributors and gun shops. These too are tightly regulated outlets. If they were to sell to criminals they would also be shutdown. What I also don’t get here is, the Court made the correct decision, shouldn’t that be national news? Oh yeah, it went against the Liberals never mind.

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