Wednesday, July 07, 2004

NASA needs to think more PC?

I caught this on DANEgerus’s blog

And the story leads me to Michelle Malkin’s page:

We ask, again, what is it about Islam that is so sensitive and delicate that all non-Muslim Americans must be trained in how to react to them? Why is Islam, above all other religions in the United States today, being taught in American institutions?

What about Christians? Have Christians ever been invited to NASA to speak about multiculturalism and diversity? How about the Jews? Any invites for them to discuss their culture? Why would NASA invite CAIR to speak to them when CAIR personnel are not allowed in the White House? What special insight does CAIR present about Islam that NASA can’t get from some other Islamic group that isn’t hell-bent on destroying America as we know it?

Apparently the Council on American-Islamic Relations wants to talk to employees at NASA and make them more PC? I just can not remember when NASA ever even made a statement that had anything to do with a persons ethnic background. You would think that they have better things to be doing at NASA. Hmmm like designing a new space obiter, or the ISS, or a mission to the moon or mars, or ……

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