Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Kerry Picks Running Mate and no one cares

John (freak’n) Kerry finally picked (finagled) a running mate. He picked another flip-flopping senator. This guy is perfect for the ticket. At one time he said (wisely) that he did not want to be the running mate, then in a dramatic change of mind he said, yep I want to be that man. Then I remembered that this person is a (D)umbacrat, so it really was kind of predictable that he would flip-flop on this decision. Finally I know that every news source and Blog (myself included) is talking about this, but the real question is. Does any one even care. I have read a few of the news reports, but there is no energy there, and what is there seems faked. Or it could be that I don’t care, because it is just more of the same from the (D)umbacrat’s, flip-flops, and lies. So stay tuned to this story I bet it will get Interst….. er. boring fast.

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