Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Bush asked to speak to the NAACP? Your kidding!

I say this on BitsBlog
In connection to an article written by Armstrong Williams

The harsh words have become a tradition for Bond. Since becoming chairman of the NAACP in 1998, he has consistently used the organization's conventions to publicly proclaim his distaste for the Republicans. He's alternately referred to them as "neo-fascists," "the white-people's party" and "a crazed swarm of right-wing locusts" that have sought to "subvert, ignore, defy and destroy the laws that require an America which is bias-free." Bond opened the NAACP's 93rd annual national convention July 11 by comparing President Bush to a "snake oil" salesman.

Ironically, Bond also expressed disappointment that President Bush chose not to participate in this year's convention. As with most of Bond's remarks, this should be taken with a handful of salt. After all, why on earth would President Bush attend the conference of an organization that openly attacks him, consciously polarizes the race debate against Republicans and effectively acts as the black wing of the Democratic Party?

Forgive me here, but did the NAACP actually think that the Pres might actually accept the invite? I don’t think they did for one minute. They just wanted a another opportunity to scream and whine about him. Any one with a little bit of common sense would have known that there was no way he was going to be there. I just wish I could have heard the conversation in the oval office over this decision! Seems pretty simple to me.

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