Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Kids being taught to Kill in Gaza

I saw this on Fox news this morning and on
Bits Blog
And on Sky News

Children as young as 10 are being recruited to fight for the Palestinian cause.
She spoke to two 10-year-old recruits.
One of them, Mustafa, said he wanted to shoot down Israeli aircraft and blow up tanks.

OK now I like guns and shooting, but I really don’t think that putting a full-auto (as in a real assault weapon) in the hands of a 10 year old is a really good idea! Aside from that, this is just sick, They are kids for goodness sake. To say that they have been robbed of any resemblance of a childhood is an understatement. Now I know where these kids live is a very hard place, but I just can not understand there parents pushing these ideas on their kids at this young age. No I will not even try to understand it ether, its just wrong and criminal. Yes criminal, these are terrorist camps people. Plain and simple. If Israel went in there and blew it up and shot all the people there (hopefully just the adults) I would not shed a tear at all. When that is done you would have to at least arrest the parents, you just cant let the teachers of terrorism go free. When you hear how poor and beaten on the Palestinian people are, ask your self: have they ever talked about peace honestly? Would you want to have peace talks with a group that openly says that they just want you all dead? Would you want to have peace talks with a group that has blown up children’s school busses and city busses, family restraints and many other things against civilian targets? If you answers yes to all these then you are ether very stupid or a liberal, or both.

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