Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Concerns over Iraq Oil

Saw this story on Fox News:

First, "the board noted that there was a lack of adequate control over the extraction of crude oil, as evidenced by the absence of metering or measurement of extracted oil quantities," the report said.
The absence "precludes a reconciliation of all crude oil extracted with its eventual utilization, and allows oil proceeds to be diverted," it said.

This sounds like what you could expect at a bank if you let tellers pull money out of the safe, work all day, and then put back into the safe what they said they should, all with out cameras or computers tracking everything. What you get is a lot of stealing (UN,France?) for oil. Now I am not saying that bank tellers are thieves, just making an analogy. Now while this is bad, it can be fixed. What I want to know is where is all the money going? How much have they been making? Where was it spent? Will our country see any of it to offset the price of setting them free? I think and hope that the last one will happen eventually, but the other questions go unanswered. After all the talk about how they will be able to pay for their own reconstruction… I just have not seen it! Someone has that oil and money, I want to know who and why!

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