Thursday, July 15, 2004

You can wear your Gun in the open in VA!

I saw this on Washington post

In Virginia, as in many states, carrying a concealed weapon requires a permit, issued by a local court. But no permit is required to simply wield a gun in the open, a right reinforced by a state law that took effect July 1.

Fairfax police are baffled by the sudden display of weaponry but assume it was done to make some sort of statement.
"Crime is at 20-year lows in the county," Lt. Col. Charles K. Peters pointed out, even though the population is soaring. The county's homicide rate was the lowest in the nation last year among the 30 largest jurisdictions. "Hopefully no one feels the need to carry a gun, lawfully or unlawfully," Peters said. "But there's no question it is lawful to carry a gun on the street. So we've had to ensure that all of our officers are updated on the nuances of Virginia law that allow citizens to carry firearms in public places."

This is great. I would love to be able to carry my HK USP or my Para P-10 into a Starbucks in downtown Seattle or Tacoma! That would really be great! I could just piss off so may liberals at one time… of course the brass of the police don’t like it. I say the brass because one time here, at the local corner store. My wife and I talked to a Sheriff depute and asked him about his sidearm, which was a very nice Para P-12, if I remember correctly. We told him that we also carry and he asked us what we had, he then told us that he in fact wished that more people carried, because he felt that it made people safer. I was blown away, because I figured that he was just going to spew the crap of his political sheriff boss. So there are some people out there in blue that understand your rights and in fact think it’s a good idea. Just don’t expect the brass to be one of them. I never do.

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