Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Racial Profiling just might be a good idea? NO-WAY!

I saw this on Right-Thinking from the Left Coast
And then the follow up on CNN (the Clinton News Network)

Customs and Border Patrol agents arrested the passenger, Ali Mohamed Almosaleh, on July 7 in Minneapolis after he was picked randomly for a search, sources said.

Agents found Almosaleh to be carrying what they described as a suicide note and DVDs containing "anti-American material," officials said.

I just can’t believe that a person from that part of the world would have anti-American DVD’s on him (LOL). No way! He must have had a pirated copy of fraud-enheit 911 on him, Hmmm. Any way they seem to want to have a talk to him. What bothers my with this story is that apparently they still don’t do simple background checks on people. Where are they from? Male or female? Known religious affiliation? Age? You know simple background checks like that! Hell when was the last time that you saw some black or white, woman, 65 year old, Christian, hi-jack a plane or mass murder numerous people? I cant think of any! Oh and I know I could have substutited many things there and made it just as true, but if I use this. Man, from Middle East, age 20-35, Muslim. Well if you have honest with yourself you will see that you might want to look into them a little bit more. I am not saying that they should be arrested and interrogated, that would be wrong. What I am saying is lets come to reality folks. These are the kind of people that as of right now are instigating all the terror attacks all over the world. Does that make all people that fit this description bad or evil, NO, but it does say that we might want to dig just a little deeper just for our safety.

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