Friday, June 18, 2004

Is it Time to do something yet?

Well they did what we all knew these anamial low life %$$*!&’s would do. They killed another innocent man. Yep Drudge has the story and pictures. I will warn you don’t look at the pictures unless you want to be very pissed off. OR if you are one of those stupid (D)umbacrats and still think that we need to talk to these people. Let me explain this to you again. They don’t just hate us, me, or my friends. They hate YOU! I mean hate in the way that they would not talk to you about why they hate you, but the way that they would slit your throat for you because they want you dead. They want to destroy everyone that does not believe the same twisted way they do. They do not want counseling, or to have a town meeting about it. Giving them more of MY money will not make them happy. Why? Because they want ALL of us dead and gone. This is not a police action Mr. Kerry. This is a very real WAR. You all need to understand that right dam now! They are not going to go away no matter how much we want them to like us, or what we buy them. They have told us this. So why don’t we believe them? I do, and I have an answer for them also. The US Army. They want death weellll no one does it better or faster, so come out from under your dam rock!

They should be thanking God (mind not theirs) that I am not in the presidents office behind the desk right now. I think my speech might go something like this: “If genocide is what they want, then brother they came to the right place!” I would immediately tell every country in that part of the world that if they don’t turn over ANY evidence and information about ALL terrorists that they would be held to account. I would then explain to them that this means if the CIA comes into my office and tells me that they had info that they did not give up, we would be coming in guns in hand to fix there dam intel problem for them! The UN doesn’t like it? So what? I don’t give a crap! But I digress, I am not in the office, but I do hope that the President decides that it’s time to slap a few people around with a 2x4 and get some answers. I also think that when we find these SOBs that we force them to eat pork before we shoot them and bury them with a pig carcass, publicly. That I mean.

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