Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Clinton's book review

I have to say I saw this at the Drudge Report. Dan Rather gives Clintons Book five stars. Seems the lefty got a prerelease of the book and well loved it. Wow like that’s news? Who would have thought. Geez I could have predicted this. In fact I would bet that he would have gave it a glowing review with out even getting past the cover. This is just crap reporting and I expect better from a real news reporter like Drudge. The left media is so left they can not even imagine a book from one of their stars that they could not love. People in this country need to wake up dam it. Stop watching there crap (they have started already) and start getting there news from less opinionated places or from places that don’t try to pretend to not have an agenda to grind. Fox news seems mostly neutral to me. I know most call it the right wing news, but that may be because they think the big 3 alphabet networks are in the unbiased. Well they aren’t, and if you pay attention, and keep an open mind you will see that your self. For example why today when the pres was giving a speech to the troops worldwide was King 5 in Seattle running a story about Michael “I cant stand America” Moore? Hmmm I don’t know? That is just one example.

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