Monday, June 14, 2004

Administration not consistant

I just heard this on the news on the way to work today.

At the end of the first gulf war there was a Blackhawk shot down. Most of the brave men died when it crashed. My understanding is that two did survive. One had very serious injures, shattered leg, broken pelvis (they don’t call it a crash hawk for nothing). Any way, he was captured by saddam husain’s men. He was then Tortured. Not embarrassed or humiliated. There were no nice panties on his head or graphic pictures sexual pictures of him taken. No he was beaten, starved, and worse. When he got back to the real world, he did what most people would due. He found a lawyer and sued. Well he won. All the survivors collective won over 900 million dollars. Now I might think that this is a little tiny bit too much to give them but that’s not even the problem. Here is the problem. The Bush administration fought the pay out of these funds to the soldiers, saying that the funds were more needed in the reconstruction of Iraq. Ok this is just complete crap. For one I want to know where the oil money they are making right now is going? Why are we talking about giving reparations to the prisoners in the Iraq prison that were embarrassed? This just seems like a double standard to me. I don’t like it, and its wrong!

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