Thursday, June 17, 2004

Tent City

Bothell Washington has a problem. They did not ask for the problem but they got it. There has been a lot of talk lately of test city #4 as it’s called (or camp shram). So much has been said but as I look around the net a little all I find is that the Libs are the ones saying it. They love it. They want to teach the local residents a lessen. How dare you not welcome them with open arms.

Well I wish Bothell good luck. Crime in the area has gone up. Who would have thunk. The city has been told that they have to pay of the over time of their cops. And the lessen is one of the following:
Don’t be poor (nope that can't be it)
We can do whatever we want.
You need to not only tolerate their lifestyle (homelessness) but you also need to accept it and provide for their choice.
We can do whatever we want
You should welcome anyone that wants to set up a tent in a vacant lot no matter who they are or why they are there.
We can do whatever we want.
Laws don’t necessarily apply to us because we are politically correct and we own the judges by proxy
We can do whatever we want!

Lots of good lessens there. Now what is the solution? Hmm well for one lets look at the majority of people out there. Why are they not poor and living in tents? Because it is a harder way of life! Or it is suppose to be. STOP making it so dam easy for them to chose this way of life and I bet a bunch of them that can get a job, even if they don't want to. They will be flipping burgers just to have a small apartment with some friends. You know what? Thats just fine. Not a problem, and welcome to society!

The rest? Well some people DO choose to live that way. That does not mean we have to hand them everything. If they want to live that way fine with me, but don’t ask for my help making your life easer if you can get a job. For the others? They do need our help. They can’t support them selves because they have a mental illness or a physical disability, I can understand that. This is where places like a church should step in first. Get these people some help, and if they can’t well then I guess some of MY tax dollars can go to helping these people out, if the churches will not step up to the plate.

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