Thursday, June 17, 2004

If Reagan Ran The War On Terror

The host at "alliance of free blogs" wanted an answer to this question. So heres my go on it really quick...

I think that “THE MAN” (love him) would have first taken any of the dam stupid idiot reporters from countries that do not support us, or tell dam lies about our troops out of the country and banned them from reentering. Then this soft handed approach, we cant go in there it’s a holy , would NEVER have happened. They would get a warning over a loud speaker and then a really loud speaker, say a 105mm howitzer, would warn them to death. He would have locked down the country and told them that when they grow up a little, not shooting at our men or each other, then they could take their country back. Yep it could have taken 4-5 years. SO WHAT. He would have told the U.N. to go and suck a (blank) and if they don’t like it they can try to stop us! Now don’t get me wrong I love GW a lot, but this dam Political Correctness IS getting some of our guys killed.

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Lovin' that howitzer bit :-D