Friday, July 30, 2004

Thoughts on speech

Pulling quotes from Fox News

We need to make America once again a beacon in the world. We need to be looked up to and not just feared.

You don't value families by kicking kids out of after school programs and taking cops off our streets, so that Enron can get another tax break.

And when I am President, the government I lead will enlist people of talent, Republicans as well as Democrats, to find the common ground —so that no one who has something to contribute will be left on the sidelines.

And let me say it plainly: in that cause, and in this campaign, we welcome people of faith. America is not us and them.

OK I only pulled a few quotes for this one. For one, I completely lost count of all the lies that were told, also if I tried to list them here, this post would be miles long and I would be late for work. So lets just cover a couple. I am SICK of hearing that we are alone in Iraq. Every time they say this they are slapping our allies that are also in country with us. These people are our friends dam it. They support us. Now you also know that if France had joined us then John would not be saying ‘alone’. Hey John, “we don’t need them”.

Now the first quote says that America needs respect and not to be feared. Well I for one believe that in the world stage, if you don’t respect us, you better fear us. I would say that right now our enemies do fear us. I like that. Fear is good! In that context at least. Then lets talk about John raising our taxes again. I don’t work for Enron and never did, but I did get a tax cut. I liked having MY money back in MY pocket. Now John said he was not going to raise taxes on people like me and you, but lets look at his voting record shall we? He does not want you to do that. He has always raised taxes on EVERYONE. He wanted a 50 cent increase in the gas tax for goodness sake. Then he said he wants to be a president that unites all people. So lets see, as he and the other John are preaching class warfare, pitting “rich” against “poor”, he goes on national TV and Radio and says I want to bring you all together? Nope don’t buy that ether, and you shouldn’t ether. Than the faith comment. When you read that quote, or when you hear him say this crap, just remember this is the party that harbors the nuts that want to remove ‘under GOD’ from the pledge of allegiants. John does not really believe what he said last night. He just said these things for people that do not want to look at his past and see the truth of who he is. Please don’t be one of them.

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