Thursday, July 29, 2004

The man from Far Left Field

I read this in the Seattle PI

McDermott is clearly enjoying this convention and the improbability of becoming a minor celebrity. The notoriety came after he landed an extended appearance in Michael Moore's blockbuster film, Fahrenheit 9/11.

This whole article is about how the Dumbacrats are embracing this clearly far left wacko! This is they guy that on TV said that he trusts Saddam Hussein more than the President of the United States! This is the guy that said that they timed the capture of Saddam so the it would help the President! This guy is a nut! He is right at home with the far left nuts in Seattle, and would fit right in with anyone from Berkley. I have to give him this though, unlike the Dumbacrats choice for President, Mr. McDermott does not waffle or flip flop. He knows what he stands for and is proud of it at all times. I cant stand his politics at all, but I can respect that.

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