Tuesday, July 27, 2004

DNC convention kicks off

Saw it everywhere I looked!

Don’t expect much out of me this week, because the news is all going to be about the (D) people. I will try to find other things to talk about if I can. One thing I saw last night was an interview with Hillary before she had her speech. One thing she said that kind of made me laugh. She said we should be asking who we would want so be in a fox hole with. Of course she said we should pick Kerry. Uh.. No. As having spent some time in a fox hole myself, I would have to pick someone else. Surprisingly my first choice is not Bush ether. Its Vice President Dick Cheney. Anyone that tells a senator to F-himself is a person that I want watching my back! Now did you know that Kerry was in Viet Nam? Well in case you missed it, he was. When he was there he was on a river patrol boat, and in charge. They came under fire. He apparently tagged the slime ball with a 50cal. Then he got out of the boat and chased him down and killed the slime ball. OK this might sound heroic, but the commander of the boat got out of his boat to chase down a single bad guy. This is clearly stupid and just the wrong thing to do. He left his men. Risked his life and the life of his men doing this stupid stunt, but hey he is a war hero now!

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