Wednesday, July 28, 2004

They think all people are stupid

This is all over, but I am going to be pulling from:

Washington Times

And Fox News

"Instead of making America more secure, they have made us less so," Mr. Kennedy said. "They have made it harder to win the real war on terrorism, the war against al Qaeda. And none of this had to happen."

"John is a fighter," she said. "He earned his medals the old-fashioned way: by putting his life on the line for his country."
She also said America has strayed from "its moral bearings" and called for it to reject "thoughtless and greedy choices," although she didn't identify any examples of such choices.

Ok I will start with the obvious here. Apparently Mr. Kennedy had to much to drink again. He seems to think that because the French and Germans are mad at us, that it is harder to win the war on terrorism. Well again he is wrong, there is a reason that the terrorists are keeping their heads down right now, and its not because of anything the French have done or said!

Now, Mrs. Kerry. She talked about Kerry earning his medals, but she forgot to say that he later bad mouth his brothers in arms and then through his medals over the fence at the white house. That might be a detail people need to know. Oh and did you know that John Kerry was in Viet Nam? Yeah he was. They she talks about greedy choices? How much is she worth again? Jeez these people are hypocrites!

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