Thursday, July 29, 2004

Sharpton spews hate!

On Fox News

One of many standing ovations went on for a minute after he told delegates that after the nation failed to deliver on Civil War-era promises of "40 acres and mule" to freed slaves, "we didn't get the mule so we decided we'd ride this donkey as far as it would take us."

I have come here tonight to say, that the only choice we have to preserve our freedoms at this point in history is to elect John Kerry the president of the United States.

Every time I here this man talk, I am reminded that there are clearly racists on TV still, even today, and that’s ok as long as they are the right color and on the right side of politics. This man hates me, he can’t stand me, and he has never even met me, or even heard my name. This is one of the great leaders of the party that wants to unite people? What is funny is that the party he belongs to is run by the people he can’t stand! Rich white people. BTW I am not rich, just for the record. I also feel sorry for this man and anyone that buys into his hate. It does not have to be this way. Racism needs to be distained on both sides, not just one. He also says that the votes are not for sale? Yeah he is really up on Politics in general there. Sure its not. Nope Dumbacrats dont take any moeny from special interests. Nope, never have.
I like the comment the only choice we have is to elect Kerry. So let me see…‘we don’t like Kerry, we know he lies, a very very rich white guy, clamed that he was a war criminal in front of congress, or lied to congress, one or the other, but he is still better than the republicans…’ Yep that’s what he said. LOL. On top of that even though he said that he took part in the alleged atrocities in Viet Nam they hold him up as a Hero? Wow if I tried to understand that logic, I would hurt myself.

Oh and then the other John gave a speech and talked about Kerry. Did you know that Kerry was in Viet Nam? Wow I would have never known if I did not hear that speech. Jeez get over it and move on. What are your ideas? None only that you can do it better. OK How? Again no answer. Oh and then there are the adds running that have Kerry saying he can lower the cost of health care by streamlining the paperwork. Well is he saying that while in congress, where he helped create the paperwork, he did not do any work on reducing the paperwork, but as president he will be able to do that? No friends he is lying again. The President can not do that, All the President could do is propose to change the Medicare runes, it would still take congress to change them and then the President could sign the change into law. Government 101.

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