Monday, July 26, 2004

Love those peace protesters

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A brief scuffle broke out on the Common between some of the peace demonstrators and a man carrying a graphic anti-abortion sign. Witnesses said the man was pushed to the ground and his shirt was torn, but he was unhurt.

"Mr. Bush lies," said Del Solar, of Escondido, Calif. As for the Democrat, he said, "Mr. Kerry is very confused. On one side, he says the war is wrong. On the other side, he says we need more boys in Iraq."

The first is just so funny and typical. When they disagree with you, and heaven forbid that you disagree with them, they resort to violence! It is so funny. They also show how tolerant they are of other options! Now you also know they did not arrest the protesters, they are on the democratic side for goodness sake.

Now the Bush Lied guy. Well he just needs to do some homework and get a little bit of an education. If you say Bush lied then you must believe that he did in fact know all the facts. That the CIA did give him the right information. You must also believe that the 911 commission lied in its findings, that the Senate intelligence committee lied also about its finding. By the way there are several Dumbacrats on those committees, and they must have lied to. The only thing this guy got right is that Kerry is confused. Which is very much is! I can see him giving two different speeches this week. One on how he supports the war on terror and then after it one on how we really need to just cut and run.

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