Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Republicans have a real problem

Quotes taken from News Max:

President Bush apparently tells Karl Rove on a daily basis that he is terribly worried about ‘turnout’ and ‘getting out the vote.’ He knows that no such problem exists on the Left: the anti-Bush crowd just can’t wait to vote in November.

Now the real problem is apparently over confidence. What got me on this subject? Well I got the chance to listen to Rush yesterday, most of the time I am at work so I can’t. I also listen to lots of other talk radio when I am on my way to or from work. They are all saying the same things for the last 3-4 days it seems. Kerry is imploding. He is falling apart. Bush will have an easy win. Sorry it does sound good, but I just don’t buy it. They keep talking about the polls in a lot of places giving the President between a 2-4 point lead. They call that a big lead? B.S. call me when its 7-10 points. 2-4 is crap. Where are there heads? Have they not been paying attention?

Here are the facts as I see them. The (D)umbacrats could run Bozo the clown (sorry Bozo) against the President and get at least %47 of the vote with out even running an add. Ok its not quite that bad, but it is really close. Most of the people that are going to vote for Kerry don’t know him, don’t care to know him, and just plane hate Bush. That’s all and that’s it. I am very worried that they are going to win. I agree with the President, I don’t here the excitement from friends of mine that are republican. They are going to vote for the man sure, but there is no energy on our side. The Kerry people have energy, the energy of hate, but at least that is something. I hope we can change some minds in the next 60 days.

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