Monday, August 30, 2004

Convention Protests Start Today!

Oh yeah and the RNC is there, and might say something important, maybe.

Flanked by police in riot gear, the protesters moved through the fortified city, loudly and exuberantly chanting slogans such as "No more years." They accused the White House of waging an unjust war in Iraq, making the country poorer and undermining abortion rights.

At least that’s what it feels like. Sure they have a right to protest, but you think that the real story would be the opposite. I think the coverage of the protesters are good in some ways, depending on how they are shown and interviewed. Sean Hannity did his Man on the Street segment and talked to several of the young protesters there. Several of them Sean convinced (by giving them the wrong name) that Kerry’s running mate was a MR. Stu Ped. Most all of them bought it. Even the ones that knew who the players were failed when asked one important question; What in the his last 19 years of the Senate has Kerry done that makes you want to vote for him. All most all tried to go into the he’s not Bush. Sean didn’t let them do that. None of them had a answer. Not one, and he interviewed 5-6 of them. If more people or media people would just ask that question when they talk to protesters and also not let them get into the “he’s not bush” or let them answer that way, it would really help us out. I really do think that almost everyone that is going to vote Kerry is using that reason to vote that way, and have no other reason. Smart people when confronted with that will take pause and think and search for a reason.

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