Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

BitsBlog has a link to Mr. Guliani’s Speech last night

I remember President Bush coming here on September 14, 2001 and lifting the morale of our rescue workers by talking with them and embracing them and staying with them much longer than originally planned.

In fact, if you promise to keep it just between us so I don't get in trouble it was my opinion that the Secret Service was concerned about the president remaining so long in that area.

With buildings still unstable, with fires raging below ground of 2000 degrees or more, there was good reason for concern.

Well the president remained there and talked to everyone, the firefighters, the police officers, the healthcare workers, the clergy, but the people who spent the most time with him were our construction workers.

Now New York construction workers are very special people. I'm sure this is true all over but I know the ones here the best. They were real heroes along with many others that day, volunteering immediately. And they're big, real big. Their arms are bigger than my legs and their opinions are even bigger than their arms. Now each one of them would engage the president and I imagine like his cabinet give him advice. They were advising him in their own words on exactly what he should do with the terrorists. Of course I can't repeat their exact language.

But one of them really went into great detail and upon conclusion of his remarks President Bush said in a rather loud voice, "I agree."

At this point the guy just beamed and all his buddies turned toward him in amazement.

The guy just lost it.

So he reached over, embraced the president and began hugging him enthusiastically.

A Secret Service agent standing next to me looked at the president and the guy and instead of extracting the president from this bear hug, he turned toward me and put his finger in my face and said, "If this guy hurts the president, Giuliani you're finished."

It stories like that, that only Rudy can tell, that remind us why we must support our president. No he is not perfect, no one is, but when it counts here is there, and he leads! Rudy did a fantastic speech. He reminded us what its all about. Explained to everyone, that was listening that we need a leader that will stick with a decision. Sure he took some shots at Kerry, He made them in a joking manner, but they were shots none the less, and I am sure that the main stream media will be all over them. But the great things about these shots were the fact that they were all on Kerry’s record, which as I have been saying, is exactly where we need to be aiming. It will be very hard, if not impossible, for Kerry to effectively defend himself from these facts. I also liked John McCain’s speech also. He was a little stiff and did not have as much energy, but the message was there. I just wonder if could get Rudy to speak again before Thursday?

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