Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Puyallup City Council does not like fun


Puyallup city leaders say they want to ban motor scooters, a step that apparently would make it the first Washington city to prohibit the vehicles popular among school-age kids.

Until this week, Pierce County's third-largest city had been moving to do what other local governments have done or talked about doing: establish a minimum age, operating hours and other restrictions to rein in the noisy and sometimes-dangerous scooters.

Instead, the Puyallup City Council voted 6-1 Monday night to have its staff draft an ordinance that would force motorized foot scooters into the garage.

"I guess we are ready to take the heat for a total ban," said Councilman Ken Martin.

The decision could trigger a communitywide debate.

Earlier this year, the city posted a draft ordinance on its Web site that mirrored other cities' regulations. Dozens of residents responded online.

"We've got enough government in our lives - just leave us alone, Dave Nichols, one of the online respondents, said in an interview Tuesday. "Parents need to take control, not the city."

But an overwhelming majority of the more than 100 respondents favored regulating motor scooters. Dave Morgan was one of them, though he noted how Puyallup's original plan was flawed because it merely detoured scooters to slow-traffic streets.

"All it does is push them into residential areas," he said Tuesday.

A ban, however, "is common sense working at its best," Morgan said.

The Puyallup council had been poised to vote Monday on an ordinance that would have set the minimum age to operate the scooters at 14, required helmets on operators and prohibited them on "parks, sidewalks, trails, and streets with a maximum speed limit above 25 miles per hour."

This is just so dam silly. Just regulate it dam. Teach the kids to stay off the sidewalks, how to ride with traffic like a bike. Let the parents do what they are suppose to be doing! Then we have this bonehead that says it is common sense? Well if we go down that line of thought, we need to ban bikes, skateboard (I think they might have already done that), roller skates and roller blades. Of if you get silly you can even start banning motorcycles in city limits. I mean just because some people think it is dangerous does that mean that you have to ban it? I think that a lot of people are making Cars dangerous, does that mean that we need to ban cars? NO, what it means is that people need to be taught how to drive, and if they cant do it right they need to be punished (ticketed). Puyallup has had this attitude for the last several years I believe. If they don’t like something they just ban it. Hay I know that (D)umbacrats don’t like businesses and the jobs they provide maybe Puyallup city council should just…………..

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