Friday, September 17, 2004

Dino Rossi is on the march!

From the Seattle PI

"Our own state government doesn't seem to care that jobs and employers are leaving the state," Rossi said at a news conference at Seattle University, his alma mater. He said he will focus on six areas in need of reform in state government and laid out what he called "concrete solutions," although some fell far short of concrete.

As he has done repeatedly, the former state senator from Sammamish made clear that his main campaign target is 20 years of Democratic governors -- and that state Attorney General Christine Gregoire would represent more of "the status quo in Olympia" if she is elected.

"She is the status quo in Olympia," he said of his opponent.

This article is not very nice to Rossi, but I would expect no less from the PI. Dino has some good ideas, a little vague on the details so far, but I hope that will come together soon. If nothing else he will bring a change to this state if he can get in office.

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