Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Peoples Republic of Washington Election Results

From local news papers

Seems that Washington (D)umbacrats really love a money taker. Christine Gregoire, the lawyer that brought you the massive tobacco settlement, which is just a indirect tax on the people that smoke. Which according to the studies, is mostly the poor in this country. But that apparently doesn’t matter! And yes it is a tax, What you think that the tobacco companies are going to lose a court case like that and pay for it out of there pocket? No way, they just upped the prices of there products! Anyway she is still better than the (D)umbacrat alternative Ron (Tax to the Max) Sims, he very possibly could have turned Washington into a barren waste land of jobless people on unemployment and welfare. I just hope the Republican Dino Rossi and pull off the impossible and win in November. I like him and his message, but this is the peoples republic of Washington……

Early returns showed about 11 percent of tallied voters had either chosen more than one party or none at all, most of them choosing the latter. It's uncertain how many people chose to vote in only nonpartisan races

I found this quote from funny. So there are some less than 11 percent of the people that just can’t read a ballot and still vote? You can not pick more than one party this year in the primary boneheads!

It looks like in the 8th district (mine) that we have a choice between a real COP and a talk show host. Sheriff Dave Richert is the COP and a republican. While he was not my first choice, he was a very close second, and I fully intend to support him in November. The talk show host is Dave Ross. I have never even heard of him and I don’t even know what radio station he is on. I just don’t listen to crap like Air America.

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