Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Letter from Australia

A friend of mine emailed me a letter that was written by an Australian. In this letter they clamed that because we, the US, are the sole remaining super power, that we should allow them to vote in our elections, because what we do affects them. Well that might be true enough, but there is at least 2 ways that I can think of for them to vote in our elections. One move here and become a citizen, and two apply for statehood! It could be done I think. Other than that Kiss Off!

Now I like the Australians, despite what Kerry thinks they are GREAT allies. They are with us in Iraq and have always stood by our side, but they have no say in what we do here or how we run our country. If they want a say then they need to take one of the steps above. Then I will welcome them to the party!

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