Monday, September 13, 2004

Gun Ban Dies, and Kerry still stupid!

From two stories at Fox News

Kerry slams bush over assault weapons ban

Assault-Weapons Ban set to expire

"Let me be very clear. I support the Second Amendment. I've been a hunter all my life," Kerry said. "But I don't think we need to make the job of terrorists any easier."

U.S. Rep. Butch Otter, R-Idaho, trumpeted the end of the federal law.

"President Clinton's so-called 'assault weapons' ban was nothing more than a sop to antigun liberals," Otter said Friday in a written statement. "It provided only the illusion of reducing gun violence, but it did real damage to our liberties."

Idaho State Police spokesman Rick Ohnsman said troopers have had no significant problems with assault-style weapons and his agency has not taken a position for or against the federal legislation.

"Of course, the legitimate owners of guns register them. Unfortunately, whether there is a ban or not, some individuals will find ways to get weapons that are illegal."

WOW. The day if finally here. Its been a long time coming. It seems strange that here in America that we were not able to buy simple things like magazines that carried more than 10 rounds. America has always been looked at by the rest of the world as the gun toting wild west, talked about like we ALL carried guns on our hips. It seems strange when you look back and see that someone said ‘well that gun has a folding stock so it WAY more dangerous, you cant have one.’ That just sounds un-American. Well at least for now those days are over, but we need to be vigilant to prevent it from happening again.

Kerry’s quote really does show how stupid he is. He says he has been a hunter all his life. Eluding to his belief (as well as many other stupid people) that the second amendment was only to allow people to hunt for food with weapons. Anyone that looks into history just a little knows that is not what was intended. The second comment there really shows his IQ. He apparently believes that the terrorists are going to go to the local gun shop and buy these ‘assault weapons’? And that they could not get them before? There is just so much wrong with this statement that I could write pages and pages on it. Well maybe not that much but you get the point.

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