Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Kerry’s butt hurts

On Drudge

Points from Unfit for Command:

· Two of John Kerry's three Purple Heart decorations resulted from self-inflicted wounds, not suffered under enemy fire.

· All three of Kerry's Purple Hearts were for minor injuries, not requiring a single hour of hospitalization.

· A "fanny wound" was the highlight of Kerry's much touted "no man left behind" Bronze Star.

What I want to see here is proof that these claims are true. I think it could be true sure, but I want to be honest, so I need proof. Problem is Kerry has not provided his medical records, or military record. You did know he was in Viet Nam right? Good. What I get out of this story though is that there are lots of vets that just don’t want him anywhere near the seat of real power. I have to agree with them on that point, no questions asked!

you also need to check out what Danegerus has to say also!

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