Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Congress to take more power? LOL

In the Washington Times:

September 11 commission members said yesterday that Congress must use their report to justify taking more power and oversight from the White House as the two branches go about reorganizing domestic security and intelligence.

Now I agree with this recommendation, but the problem is that the members of the congress know that if they take more power in these issues, which they have the right and responsibility to do, they will also inherit the responsibility for what happens. They wont like that, I don't think they will do it ether. There is also the problem of acting in a timely manor to changing conditions. Committees don’t do that well at all.

Now republicans have said they will move quickly on these recommendations, but also don’t want to go to fast, but the (D)umbacrats, following the Johns, want to take what the commission said and run with it now. The problem is that, that is exactly how we got the patriot act. I am not against the patriot act all together, but it does have problems. I believe that most of the problems came from the speed of which it was created not the republicans or dumbacrats.

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