Friday, August 06, 2004

Holy First Amendment Mr. Kerry

Bits Blog pointed me to

Online Human Events

The letter claims the ad is "false" and "libelous" and suggests, in not-so-subtle terms, that TV stations should use their "legal authority" to refuse any requests for advertising airtime

Now at least the way that I understand the first amendment this is protected speech. They are allowed to say anything that they want as political speech! What this really is, is the DNC trying to scare the TV stations into pulling the adds and silence the Kerry critics. Why? Because these critics are not politicians, or talking heads on TV. No, these are people that like Mr. Kerry were in Viet Nam. You did know he was in Viet Nam right? Anyway, these are soldiers that served with or around him. They knew him then and saw what he did how he acted, and most importantly they remember what he did when he got back. Why is that the most important part? Because, ALL the news media seems to have forgotten what he did, and he is not going to tell you himself. The administration is distancing itself from the adds, mostly because they don’t want to be seen on that much of an attack, but I know they are cheering for the adds in the backroom.

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