Thursday, August 05, 2004

Border patrol turns up the heat!

From the Washington Times

Eighty-nine agents have been assaulted so far this year in an escalating series of attacks by the smugglers

Apparently someone decided that the border patrol needed to start cracking down! I think that’s a good idea, but if they are getting fired on then do we need to start thinking about helping them out by supplying them with some soldiers? Right now the slime balls know they can get away with it because the border patrol is not heavily outfitted with fighting weapons or trained in fighting tactics. They are law enforcement not a swat team or a military patrol. I don’t want to see any border patrol agent killed because we did not ether give him the right equipment for his job, or because we did not give him the proper support tools (military assistance). If they are infiltrating our borders by force, then I believe we have a right to resist that infiltration with greater force. This is another fight we just do not want to loose.

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