Monday, August 02, 2004

Kerry to save America?

On Fox News

"John and I know that we can build a safer America by reaching out to other countries, bringing people to our side and remembering that never does the United States of America go to war because it wants to, we go to war because we have to," Kerry told supporters at a discount mall in Springfield, Ohio, on Sunday.

So their plan is to reach out to other counties and get them to come to our side so that they will protect poor us? You see we are going to reach out to the great French and germen politicians and ask them if they will commit their world renowned troops to protect us from the bad people. Even when I say it sarcastically it still does not sound more stupid then when John said it. Why is it that the (D)umbacrats idea of protecting the people of America is to rely on other countries, must of which at best just don’t like us. At worst they want us to disappear. And the Johns want us to trust them and “them” for our safety.

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