Saturday, June 26, 2004

Gary goes to Mexico

In the SFGate

Gary Locke and other Dumbacrats just don’t get it. Ok so Gary goes on a little trip out of town and then he decides to give this speech that basically says ‘hay if you can get to Washington we will take care of you and give you lots of stuff!’. He told them about how we will let illegal aliens go to collages at in state intuition rates, How we are building them temporary housing and permanent housing, Oh and they can get free health care. All with out any worry of being asked to leave the country because that would be discrimination? Hay Gary, if you want to pay for illegal aliens so dam much pay for them yourself!

"I am grateful to the Mexicans for their contributions, their work in Washington and I am opposed to discrimination against them," Locke said. I am grateful to, to the ones that came here legally with the correct papers, and then try to be part of the society. What Gary does not seem to understand is that the rest of us do not want to pay the others way. Hell they are NOT suppose to be here in the first place! We have no good reason to support them. What Gary wants is to just open the borders up and let them all come in. I wonder how he plans to pay for that idea? Hmmm….

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