Friday, June 25, 2004

Michael Moore in Seattle

Boy Mr. Moore must have felt right at home today on Fox News 13. They started the interview saying, and I am going to paraphrase here, “We have seen your movie and we both loved it”. Wow I could see right there that this was going to be a fair and balanced interview! They then proceeded to through some of the easiest softball questions that I could think of! You know for the most part 13 news is one of the better ones around here, but today they really looked like the rest. They loved the big white guy so much that they were telling jokes and laughing all over the place. Maybe that is the only way they could get him on the air, but I doubt it myself. They were acting like they were interviewing the President himself, it just sickened me to death. I just wish we could do a fund raiser to by him a one way ticket to France or Canada. He would feel more at home there anyway.

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