Thursday, June 24, 2004

Does it pass the Duh test?

Ok I was out for the last couple of days, but one thing that I notice is that the Dumbacrats are accusing our president of ordering harsh, or hard line (read: Proper) interrogations. Why doesn’t this pass the Duh test? OK think about it a little (A lot if you are a hard line lib). You are the President, and you are want to give an order that could really come back to haunt you. Are you going to leave a paper trail or for that matter any evidence that you were the one that originated that order? Hell No you wouldn’t. Look if someone told me that Mr. Clinton said ‘it depends on what the meaning of the word is is’ I would have laughed at them, because I would not believe that he would say something in public so darn dumb, but I did hear him say it, and he did say it.

Now think about this. You don’t think that even if the president did give that order that he would not have created some plausible deniability for himself? Or do you really think that the President (or any President for that matter) sits round that tries to micromanage the entire United States Government (CIA, NSA, FBI, etc) and then also at the same time Micromanages the US Military? And that every single order crosses his desk for his approval? If you believe that then you would also believe that he has 45 hours in a day to do this stuff. Get a life and get over it.

How do I feel about harsh, or extremely interrogations on terrorists? I don’t feel that extremely harsh interrogations should be used on people, but terrorists aren’t people or human so.. Lets break out the thinly padded base ball bats, the stun guns, and the extremely loud ‘death metal’ music. I got questions, you better have answers!

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