Thursday, June 24, 2004

Al Gore Rides again

The drudge report has a flash about Al (I did not know that was a fund raiser) Gore. Apparently he has accused the administration of lying, something Mr. Gore had no experience with in the administration he was involved in. He is going to say that there is in fact no connection at all between Iraq and Al Qaeda, just like the 911 (joke of a )commission said. Hmmm

Mr. Gore did you know (and I know you did) that the 911 commission did not in fact say that there was no connection? Nope the commission said that there was no connection linking Iraq with Al Qaeda with respect to the murderous attack on the citizens of New York.

The good news here. Nothing that Mr. Gore has touched lately has worked out. It has all gone to crap on him, and the others around him. Way to go Mr. Gore. Go Gore go. Or Run Gore Run… Hmmm

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